3 tips for the best wedding bouquet of flowers

There aren’t many occasions where bouquets are used. But in the few occasions they can be used, the impact that they can do is immense. This is why it is critical to pay attention to every little detail of both the path leading up to it and the bouquet itself. Amongst these many occasion where bouquets are used, brides take a massive importance. The bouquet of flowers that they carry is almost like a part of the wedding dress. Hence, it is important for it to be in its best shape.

Here are 3 tips for you to have the most amazing wedding bouquets.

  • Tally the body shape with the arrangement of the bouquet

Beauty is all about relativity. Using perspective based elements is the best way to showcase something in just that you want it to. It’s like those common fashion trends where short people are advised on wearing skinnier trousers to look tall. That’s why you need to analyze the body shape and it’s dimensions when the bouquet is being designed. If not, the bouquet will not properly blend in with the bride and her maids. Since you need to keep the bride in her best appearance for all the photos and videos. Hence, it is essential that the bouquet tallies with the body shapes.

  • Communicate well with the florist

The reason why a lot of us has problems with the professional associates that we have is since we don’t and can’t communicate properly. But if you’re paying for a certain job to be done, you have the right and you should properly communicate with your flower bouquet specialist singapore so that they know what you need. Once they know what you seek, it is easier for them to use their professional techniques to make the final picture a reality. If your florist is handing not only the bouquet but the whole thing, it is extremely important that brainstorming sessions are carried out for the best results.

  • Pay attention to the color palette

Colors go a long way. In fact, there are so many Hollywood directors that are recognized just by the color combinations that they use. Since your wedding is supposed to be dreamy like a movie, it is essential to mix and match the colors properly. If not, the bouquet will not have the attention that it needs which simply means that the bride will not look as elegant as she could with the right colors. Be sure to acknowledge the florist about the theme, the colors and the whole picture so that he/she can design the perfect bouquet using the right colors.

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