Amazing Things You Should Now About Singapore

The people around the world know Singapore as a country with a world-class airport and a clean city. Tourists are also familiar with the Merlion plus their policy of banning the chewing gum.

Whether you are planning to make your first visit or returning to the country, here are the amazing things you should know about Singapore:


It is an Archipelago

Contrary to what many people believe, Singapore is not just one island but it is composed of around 60 islands. Some offshore islands are uninhabited and the government uses it for industrial and military purposes.

Among the famous islands which tourists can visit are Sentosa which houses the Universal Studios and casinos, Pulau Ubin which is famous for Chek Jawa and cycling, and the Southern Islands which consist of Lazarus Island, Kusu Island, and St. John’s island.

It Grows Bigger

Singapore may be smaller than other countries but it does not stop growing. Over the years, there is plenty of on-going land reclamation in the country. As such, it extended the borders up to 25% which cause its current size to be around 719 sq meters. For example, famous attractions such as the East Coast Park plus the Marina Bay area are built on reclaimed land.

Beach Road is now far from the inland. But before, it faces the beach thus its name. The temples near the Telok Ayer Road located in the Chinatown are among the first immigrants welcomed in the area after their long journey.


Lightning Capital

Singapore is among the country with high occurrences of lightning. It is located near the equator and the humid and hot environment causes thunderstorms. For people who wish to live and work in Singapore, they must endure its weather. Next, apply singapore pr online for residency.

On average, Singapore experiences around 160 thunderstorms each year. As such, when visiting the country, make sure to always prepare for the rainy weather. Thunderstorms happen usually in the afternoon.

Cooler Side

It is usually hot in Singapore. However, the lowest temperature that has been recorded was in 1934 which is 19.4 degree Celsius. That is indeed the chilliest temperature considering that the standard is around 28 to 34 degree Celsius.

They install air conditioning units inside their homes, malls, and other establishments to make up for the hot weather. Meanwhile, tourists can only find fake snow inside the malls or at Snow City alone.

Indeed, Singapore is a country of plenty of surprises. It is an archipelago, it grows its land each year, and the climate is hot since it is near the equator. There are more things to know and explore which will make you love the City of Lions even more.

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