Feng Shui Tips You Need To Know For The Baby’s Room

In this day and age, we have all heard of feng shui principles. We know that these principles can be used when decorating various spaces. You may have even used them to decorate your living room or bedroom. But many individuals fail to realize that it can also be used to decorate the baby’s room. This would, in reality, be an important principle to follow. That is because you want your child to be in a nurturing and supportive space. Therefore the best way to do this would be by embracing these principles.

Select The Right Colours

Before you start thinking about placing feng shui pagodas in this space you need to select a colour to paint it. We know that traditionally people paint this room according to the gender of the baby. This means blue if the child is a boy and pink if it is a girl. But we think that you should not restrict yourself to this colour scheme. Instead, you should opt for colours that would be more soothing and comforting for this baby. This ideally includes colours such as white, green or even beige. The important rule to remember would be to avoid bold colours. We know that you think that these colours would make the room more cheerful. But you need to understand that such colours would be too stimulating for the child. Then the child would have trouble falling asleep or resting. Thus, that is why you need to paint their play area using such bold colours.


The goal when it comes to lighting is not to create an overly bright room. Instead, you need to be able to adjust the brightness according to the time of the day. That is because at this stage the child would require constant naps. Therefore the best way to do this is by having an array of light sources. This way you can easily switch them on or off as required. When it comes to the windows don’t even think about using heavy drapes. That is because such a move would prevent natural light from entering this space. Instead, opt for softer fabrics. This would do a good job in blocking the direct sunlight from harming the child. But it would still allow some light to enter this room.

The main goal in embracing feng shui principles is to balance the energy in the child’s bedroom. If you strive to follow the aforementioned guidelines this would not be an impossible task to accomplish. Furthermore, it would also do a world of good for your baby.


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