How to Properly Enjoy Your Pogo Stick

Your pogo stick is one of the classic all time favorite kids and, let’s be honest, adults play item that has a very fun habit of nearly breaking your neck in the most fun “America’s funniest home videos” type way imaginable. A pogo stick is something that has outlasted most toys and eras and is still going strong. In fact, it can even be called a must have gift because even though the craze for it has died down, if you buy someone a pogo stick, they are never going to be sad or disappointed with the gift. That is unless you are a jerk and bought a pogo stick to your extremely fat friend who can’t use it. In that case it is not the pogo stick’s fault but yours. However regardless of it all a pogo stick in general is a great and fun gift for anyone to have or give despite the age of the person. Again giving it to your eighty-year-old grandfather is again quite a jerk move to make. Alternatively, it can also make a great gift for anniversaries for your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife. The will make it a great item that you can use as a fun couples’ activity.

The key to the pogo stick’s fun is that it employs the fun you get from a bouncy castle or trampoline of jumping up and down, along with the fun of mobility. You might even also argue that e fun of a pogo stick was brought out by the infamous cartoon animation character, Tigger, from the Whiney the Poo stories. This character also brought to light the fun of going about by bouncing up and down on his tale. The pogo stick, coming along after this cartoon can be said to embody that same fun that the character Tigger enjoyed. This being said it is important to remember that this device needs proper care and maintenance to continue to be fun instead of dangerous. Like the pogo pin which is e key component of the device should always be maintained at the highest of standards and quality. Also you should always make sure that the device is well oiled and kept clean and rust and damage free. This is because it actually has very high stress loads that are applied when in use so the chances of wear and tear and damage is very high.

However, if you are able to be smart and look after this device properly,

there is no reason why you can not enjoy the pogo stick for a very long time. And with any partner friend or even kids


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