How to travel smart with your family

Travelling with kids is certainly a challenge always. But a family vacation is definitely a must to create more memories together while you have fun. Today we hardly have time to both with our kids because either they are asleep when you get back home or they are away at school when you leave for work. So, making the most out of such a vacation is a given fact, and here are some tips for you.

Book a suite

Rather than booking a room for all to stay in luxury hotels in ubud, you can book a suite that is more spacious and comfortable. Of course, you might think that all ‘suites’ are expensive, but if you did research a bit more on hotels for kids, you might come across many that offer such spaces for a rather considerable cost. This way while the kids sleep mom and dad can have a relaxing conversation!

Don’t try to finish it all in a day

When you have kids, you need to always be careful of what you do and how you plan things. And so, when it comes to planning your traveling schedule, don’t ever try to fit in everything you want to do, in to one day. not only is it going to end up being hectic but you would also have to deal with grumpy kids. So, spread out things and try one at a time, you don’t have to think of this trip as something you would never get to do ever again. There is always a next time!

Make your kids adapt

When tripping with your kids, at one point or the other you just might have to listen to their constant howls and make a stop at the playground or McDonalds. But always giving in to whatever that they scream for isn’t going to work in the long run. You need to teach your kids to adapt to whatever environment they are in. And sometimes that would mean sitting through an opera musical (at least halfway through) or eating rice instead of burgers. A family vacation like this is in fact the perfect place for them to learn this lesson. As they learn to adapt, the less grumpy they would be and more willing to try new things!

Have snacks by your side

A hungry kid is a grumpy and when a kid is grumpy, the rest of the trip is a bummer. As a parent it is up to you to make sure that you have everything preplanned and ready by your side. So have a hand carrier packed with all the things your child would probably need to get them through the many hours of travelling. Starting from snacks to boredom games, make sure you have them all packed!

Travelling with your family can be hectic with small kids, but it a time you will never forget. So plan for things beforehand and make the most out of this trip!

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