Is your team of tech leads bringing in the change you hoped?

Technical leads are the team leads and heads of a certain technology in an IT company. This is similar to the group head or team leader of a sales or a marketing team, or in an SBU in a manufacturing company. This team of leads are supposed to mentor the juniors and develop the senior engineers and junior associates come up to the level of technical leads.

Building a team

For the aforementioned objective to be fulfilled, the leads’ team has to be formed at first. Once that done, each person has to be assigned to a certain team. It can also be a different technology as well. For example, one person can lead a java team while another can take up UI/UX design. The team of leads itself has to be in one page when it comes to these allocations. They also need to be conscious about their team cohesion and teamwork. For this, the leads team can have some training and team building activities at first rather than conducting that sort of a programme for the juniors. See to view how the team building can be outsourced to a reputed company.

Planning the process

The team then has to come to an agreement on a plan to develop the junior team. Each lead will know about the strengths and weaknesses of their own team members hence they will know what to do and how it can be done. However, usually the team trainings will happen at a common level, therefore, each individual plan will have to be put together and come up with a common one where all the juniors will benefit. In this, what sort of topics to be touched first and what to come next etc. will have to be discussed.

Measuring the results

It is not enough to just conduct the training for the juniors. Their development or lack of it, has to be measured. It is important the leads follow an accepted method to measure it as well. An exam or a hands-on test can be conducted for theoretical aspects and a computer-based programme can be used for the software development side. However, what is more important is that they are taught, trained and tested for the soft skills. Communication, leadership, volunteering and so on are the skills that must be present in a junior engineer for that person to come up in the ladder.

It is the responsibility of the leaders of any team head to develop and bring up the team members to the level of themselves. Delegating duties and decision-making powers as well as conducting trainings is a good way to do this.

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