Top information about the ISO 45001 standards

According to the records, there are more than 2.78 deaths that occur due to accidents in the work place or due to diseases caused at the work place. Moreover, there are more than 350 million accidents that are caused in workplaces that do not cause death. Yes, the numbers are high and something needs to be done about the safety and the health standards that organizations maintain.

As a result, the new ISO 45001 has been introduced which provides all th e improvements that will help reduce these numbersthat will help create much safe working environments. If you are company yet to make the iso 45001 transition, here is what you should know:

What is the difference between OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001?

Before the ISO 45001 was introduced, the OHSAS 18001 was in place and it the most widely used by company to set up their health and safety standards. The ISO 45001 has been introduced as a placement that will fill up the negatives of this system. There are some main differences that will be happening with the transition that happen. For example, the ISO 45001 standards will be using a procedure based approach unlike the process based approach which was used by the OHSAS 18001.  Moreover, to obtain he ISO 45001, you will need to gain an understatement from the all parties o the business. The daily operations that are carried out needs to be integrated.

How much time do you have?

If you have the OHSAS 18001, you only have 3 years to make the transition to the new system. Therefore, look into the deadline and make sure that your company has all that it takes to get the new ISO 45001 standards.

ISO 45001 and other standards

The ISO 45001 are quite similar to other ISO standards as they are all holystructured and they integrate multiple standards that run be run in a single management. When you have upgraded to the ISO45001 standards, it will be much easier for you keep up the management of the business to meet up with the finest standards as well.

The benefits of transitioning to the ISO 45001

When you make the purged into the ISO 45001, you will be getting a lot of benefits such as the reduction of the accidents that might even cause death which will save you a lot of money as well, you will increase the efficiency of the organization, the employees will be more satisfied and there will be improvements in the manufacturing procedure as well.

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