Top reasons to buy delicious mooncakes this coming New Year!

Are you getting ready to start celebrating the ChineseNew Year? The ChineseNew Year which happens towards the end of January often lasts for longer than two weeks and is an event celebrated not just by Chinese people but people all around the world! It is time for family to get together, spread harmony and indulge in some of the best things in life.

When such a traditional moment comes around, we cannot forget to include the most traditional food items to the table and this is when mooncakes decide to stand out! Mooncakes are actually an item of food that dates back to the famous Shang dynasty. It has since evolved and at this time of the year, you are bound to find it inside all the homes that celebrate this event! Instead of spending a lot of time trying to recreate mooncakes, you would benefit from buying from a great baker. So below are top reasons to buy delicious mooncakes this coming New Year!

Mooncakes are a sign of good luck

There are a lot of things that surround the Chinese new year said to bring us good luck and mooncakes are one such item as well. When you buy the best mooncakes Singapore, you are able to gift them to your close friends, family and other loved ones as a sign of passing down good luck and a lot of prosperity. This is exactly the kind of positive energy and thoughts we need to surround ourselves with during a new year. So to increase your chances at good luck, you can always have an abundance of mooncakes!

Mooncakes are actually healthy for you!

Due to the amount of calories in a mooncake and the sweetness of it, it is normal for many people to avoid this delicious treat thinking that it is unhealthy. While too much of anything is never good, mooncakes can actually be very healthy for you in a number of ways. For instance, mooncakes can contain a lot of anti – oxidants that will help your body be free of toxins. Mooncakes are also going to contain ingredients like red bean paste that can help us with weight or fat loss.

Mooncakes are traditional

Whether you are in Singapore, in china or in another part of the world, we want to be a lot closer to home with the traditions that we follow. Celebrating a Chinese new year’s without moon cakes would seem as empty as they are a very traditional and long standing part of it.

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