What Does Clearance Volume Mean In Air Compressors?

The clearance volume of an air compressing unit, also known occasionally as the bumping clearance is the space between the very top of the piston and that of the cylinder in the system. This clearance is a vital factor of the compressors that cannot be ignored and they should be help you to improve and maintain the efficiency and performance of the air compressors on your vessel. This means that the clearance volume should not be too high or too low and you need to know where to maintain it. In addition to this it will also have a big effect upon the functionality and the performance of the machinery so you need to be updated on how the functionality is at all times.

What Is The Importance And The Impact Of Your Bumping Clearance?

Inside of the air compressor, the discharging valve will close at the when the compression cycle comes to an end and a little amount of air will be caught inside the clearance volume. Then, before the suctioning process starts once more, that trapped bit of air will need to expand below to a level that is below the pressure of suctioning. Suction pressure also refers to the atmospheric pressure. No matter what type of air compressor you use, like an explosion proof air dryer for example, this expansion mentioned above will bring about a reduction in the stroke due to which, the amount of volumetric efficiency will also come down. Therefore it would be safe to assume that the bumping clearance has a very important effect on the efficiency of an air compressor.

What Happens If There Is Less Or Too Much Clearance?

When there is less clearance than needed the piston may collide or bang against the head of the cylinder, it can actually become really dangerous, especially if the compressor is running at that point in an unloaded state. This will immediately mean that there is no resistance from the cylinder to stop the movement of the piston. When there is a large or too much bumping clearance, it will retard the forming of the vacuum. In return there will be less air coming inside for the compressing to happen. This basically means that the weight of the amount of air that is delivered, will be quite low when you compare it with the clearance volume.

Why Are There Changes Happening In the Clearance Volume?

When the overhauling of the air compressor happens, and if your gasket has been fixed in between the head of the cylinder and the joint and happens to be of a type that is incompatible, the bumping clearance will then increase. This will cause the bottom bearings to wear down really fast.

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